Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break with my litttle man!

This has been such a good week spending a lot of time with my little boy...he is the BEST!

He can't get enough of outside...from the second he wakes up until the second I make him go to bed...its always "mama, outside" as he pulls my finger to the door...

 Does care to get dirty...or to eat dirt for that matter...

 Cousin sleepover!

What a little cheesey boy!! I LOVE him!! 

 They had sooo much fun playing together!

 Finley is such a waterboy!! He loves to drink it and spray his fat little feet...and says "water, water, water"

It has been so much fun Finley!! I love you! Back to the books I go...9 more months of this and I am FREE!\
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