Wednesday, June 23, 2010

26 weeks...and counting

See how big I am and I look so thrilled to be taking a picture...24lbs baby...and it does not make me feel cool in this 112* weather! I am dying...I step one foot out the door and the sweat begins poring it's sick.. I do want my tummy to get bigger though cuz I feel little man is growing faster than my belly and it's hurtin, but good to know he is growin! And he doesn't stop movin! He is crazy! It's so fun to watch my belly move!
Oh and it summer vacation...not...Luke and I are both in summer school so I go to work 40hrs a wk and get to come home and do this the rest of the's super. But thank goodness I am only taking one session so I only have a few weeks left. Then I just have fall semester and I will have my Bachelors in December! Yay! and my BABY IN JUST 14 WEEKS!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

These are just a few important men in my life that mean so much to me. They are all wonderful men and Fathers and Husbands. I am so grateful to have so many wonderful men in my life. Including all my brothers and brother-in-laws that I do not have pictures of. I am truly blessed!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Craving of the day: Grandma

Today I woke up craving my Grandma. She was the best Grandma. Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent with her. I always loved it when I got to spend the night at Grandmas! We would watch some show on the TV then she would tuck me in. My favorite part was when she would wake me up with this (which is what I decided to make this morning) :

Although hers always looked a lot better and tastes better -I think mine comes pretty close. I would eat so much...she knew to make a lot because I would ask for 2nd or 3rds! I can't forget the cold cup of water n ice water she would also make sure that I knew how important water is to drink. Next we would head off to the zoo or the movies at Superstition Springs. She would let me play on the reptile playground and then we would go inside the mall and she would take me on the carousel. I can't forget the millions of trips we would also take to the infamous El Charro. I miss you Grandma and think of you always! I know she's takin care of my little man right now doin row row your boat and let him nibble on her chin :) her favorite. Thanks for all the fun memories! Love you.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pregnancy Blog

Just a little entry for myself for all my random prego thoughts...this pregnancy has been such a huge (no pun intended) blessing in my life. I am SO excited to become a mommy and see Luke as a Dad. With pregnancy comes so many emotions of course. It is so crazy to think that 1. I am growing a human inside of me and I can see and feel him move all the time. 2. I am going to have a child. 3. Luke and I will be responsible for this child...our very own child...not our niece or nephew that we can play with and send home later...4. I cant wait to see him and hold him and love on him...Luke says I can't baby him that he is going to be a man Ha I want to see him try not to baby him, I think Luke will be worse than me!
This is not a complaint, just a Side note, I have gained 20lbs. Crazy. Like any person seeing those numbers go up on a scale isn't fun, however the weight gained is well worth the little sugar I will be holding soon! I am SO excited. It is so crazy how much your body changes when bending over-those cute sandles with the buckle FORGET THEM cuz I cant bend over that long without dying...and Luke just laughs... I am NOT excited to have to go back to work after, but that's life and I have wonderful job so can't complain too much.
Also: My cousin has created a very interesting/educating blog about pregnancy. She is going to be a first time mom like me come September and has been trying to educate herself as much as she can before her little man comes. It's very informative and I love reading it. I have always been scared of epidurals and always say I will go natural...which is the "plan", but I am a sucker for anything that takes pain away so who knows what I will do when I am dying in labor...Anyways, Check it out here.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UPDATE: My belly is GROWING!

So this is my belly at 20 almost 3 weeks ago. It is bigger now, but I am a little slow at posting...and I am not to thrilled to post about a growing belly. I just have to tell myself it's a growing BABY!!! That I CAN"T WAIT to meet! Luke and I are soo EXCITED! He kicks like crazy, especially when it's bed time (great...hope he gets it out of his system now.) No special cravings...just about anything will do, except for most red meat- esp Hamburger! I do love the carbs...anything with a lot of cheese! It's been hard to drink a gallon of water a day...not doin to good on that, but I am working on it! And last but not control of my bladder is severely poor. It was already bad from growing up and having my older brothers and sisters sit on me and tickle me until I you just get me to laugh hard and I am like a two year old again..really annoying.