Monday, August 18, 2008

Prayers needed...Pass it on.

A sweet young couple, Christian and Stephanie Nielson, in are ward were recently in tragic plane crash this past Saturday. They are both in critical conditions, I believe at Maricopa County Burn Unit. Christian was said to have 30% of his body burned, but will hopfully recover in just weeks, while Stephanie was said to have 80% of her body burned and will hopfully recover in a few months. To view the news report go here:
Please help this sweet family with all your prayers. The power of prayer is so strong and bless us in every way.Christians instructor was also in the crash and passed away last night. Are thoughts and prayers are with his family as well.
Also If you would like to help donate to Christian and Stephanie to help pay for their medical bills and household bills while they recover you can visit Wells Fargo and donate to the Christian and Stephanie rehab fund. or there is a link on Stephanies sisters blog that you can donate to as well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Mexico at its finest! I love the sunsets!

Tai and Hallie! I love these girls!

We went sea fishing! It was awesome! (besides the sea sickness) ! there were hundreds of dolphins and we even saw a whale PLUS we caught a TON of fish!

catch UP

Luke and I just spent the week in Mexico with his family! Pictures soon to come! Plus I cant forget Breaking Dawn. Amazing. Perfect. Sad. Funny. I just never put it down! I LOVED it!!!!