Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More birthday happenings

Here some more birthday month happenings:

He loves to climb the stairs...and lay on them..

Finley turned 1 = Grandpa Tom held him for the first time :)

Aunt Meadow came to visit!

Jake turned one, too!

Finley LOVES his Jakey!

playin the keyboard at Grandpa Toms

Eatin more cake for Jake's Birthday!

Little miss Lyla and her bodyguards :)

Fin sure loves his grandpa

All the kids partying for their cousins birthday

Fin got a Mr. Potato Head for his birthday and loves it.

He is obsessed with putting the glasses on himself...and laughs at himself

Daddy teaching him young...

Favorite time of day is Bath time and Brushin teeth!

Thinks he is so big on his new ride!

I love this boy.


  1. ha ha these are so funny shawnie! I love that last one. look at his cute face when we are playing the piano! hmm what is not cute is my outfit. . .am I doing a trapeze routine later? or perhaps modern dance?

  2. So cute! I love the one with the glasses.

  3. Look at this adorable boy! Love these pictures. Especially the foosball one. What a cutie :)