Saturday, August 27, 2011

This past month...

Pictures are not in order, but this is us saying good bye to Elder Merrill at excuse my grossness...

Mikelles kids came for a week and we went to the Museum and went swimming. It was so much fun with these kids! Finley loved having cousins in the house!

As a little farewell party for Lee we went to Groom Creek and played games, hiked, and ate some good food.

Finley was in heaven. He loves being outside. I can't wait for it to cool down so we can actually play in the backyard....

Luke and Finley napping before church.

Most of the grandkids enjoying Steve's BBQ ribs :)

Other August happenings not documented: Sky got married! Diana is a great addition to the family. I am back at school.....yay. Finley is now 11months. Weighs 22 lbs. Crawls everywhere. Into everything. LOVES balls...especially basketballs. Crawls up the stairs. Loves his stuffed Alligator- he sleeps with it and cuddles and talks with it in his crib. He plays "peek a boo" by covering his ears instead of his face. He tries to bark like Czar and always wants to go play with him. He loves Grandpa Gary...and in his own way says "grandpa!" when he sees him. He loves playing with his cousin Jake. Each time we go to Grandma Kathy's he goes straight to jake and laughs and gives him a hug. There has been no attempt to walk...which I have enjoyed...crawling is bad enough. He throws fits like his dad ;) least so I am told. But he is still the happiest baby and he still has me and Luke wrapped around his fat chubby finger.

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