Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Finley is getting HUGE. 9 months now! He thinks he can do whatever anyone else is doing...He can stand like he is doin or army crawl...I have only seen him crawl for reals ONE time. Its like he thought it wasnt fast enough...he LOVES to just roll, so that is what he does the most. He has pulled himself up to stand against the couch a couple of times...other than that he is still a baby and I would like to keep him that way!
I love this boy. He is just so happy all the time! He has 3 teeth..almost 4. His teeth make me laugh, especially the top because they look too big for him! He weighs 21 lbs and 27in. and is loving his finger foods.
Finley LOVES his daddy. Luke's first Fathers Day was really exciting for him....Finley was so nice to get him exactly what he wanted...a new CHURCH BELT! I mean HELLO it's real leather people....lame I know...I dont feel bad though...haha I always make up for it at Christmas or Birthday time..i think he is rather spoiled...

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  1. hi shawnie. the picture of finley and luke on the couch almost brings a tear to my eye because it's so cute. You can tell that fin is so excited to be sitting next to his dad.