Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Flashback

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband who turned 25! I surprised him with a helicopter ride! (Thanks to Clyde and Adam:) We also went to body world which was pretty cool to see everything about the body, but definitely creepy too- Luke has had a couple nightmares from it.
Finley is a jumpin jack! He absolutely LOVES his jumper. (And so do I) He is just the happiest little thing! And by little- he is like 16lbs already! little chunker!
It wears him out...ha I love how he was still holding on to his toy- he is just too cute!
Finn just likes to shoot hoops in his room in his spare time
And he loves his after church nap- who doesnt??

As for Luke and I...we just keep on truckin through school! I love nursing school. I am so happy I chose to do this! On the other hand...I have been workin on call a lot lately doin admitting in the ER...and I AM EXHAUSTED! I am still trying to learn how to balance Family time with School/study time and mix work into it as well! I definitely lack in other today Luke asked "Um...when do you plan on shaving your legs??" haha they were bad, but don't worry they are just as smooth as Finn's now. Well I can't believe February is coming to an end! Finley will be 5 MONTHS! on Monday! Anywho- I am ready for March...I am lookin forward to a week long break from school and work.


  1. when is your spring break????
    so that's good that you love school...not sure what's wrong with me because it is truly painful...

  2. Can you believe I have still not seen Finley?? one day life will bring us all together. Sheesh, I hate the craziness sometime. Take care, I'm so proud and amazed by you!