Sunday, January 23, 2011

Holidays are over...and so is January!!???

Finley's first Christmas! I can't believe it came and went so fast! It is so fun having a little one now, even though he didn't know what was goin on- he sure loves his presents now!
and so does Luke! We took this indoor basketball hoop to the cabin and all the boys loved playing it-especially since we were snowed in the entire time!!

Can you believe how big he is!? He will be 4 months old next week!

The Tom Wright Christmas party! We had the coolest shirts this year "Wrights' Market" shirts...and I love that Finn has a little one on too :)
It snowed soooo much this year at the cabin! We all got cabin fever and need to break out after like day 3 so we had the boys shovel us a path and the girls took a trip to Blossoms...

Finley loves playin with his toys and watching himself in the mirror - he's too cute...

This outfit isnt too flattering- but he is my little chunkers!
He is seriously the happiest baby...always smiling and talking, and now drooling like CRAZY!

Well thats the wrap up...I am now in Nursing school and working in the ER admitting dept so life is pretty dang busy!


  1. Your little family is so dang cute Shawnie! I can't believe how big he's getting! I hope nursing school is going great, you are superwoman. Hope we see you guys soon!

  2. thanks for the new pictures! I can't wait to see my little nephew again!
    How's school??? Turns out 2nd semester is way harder than the first for me :(