Saturday, June 19, 2010

Craving of the day: Grandma

Today I woke up craving my Grandma. She was the best Grandma. Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent with her. I always loved it when I got to spend the night at Grandmas! We would watch some show on the TV then she would tuck me in. My favorite part was when she would wake me up with this (which is what I decided to make this morning) :

Although hers always looked a lot better and tastes better -I think mine comes pretty close. I would eat so much...she knew to make a lot because I would ask for 2nd or 3rds! I can't forget the cold cup of water n ice water she would also make sure that I knew how important water is to drink. Next we would head off to the zoo or the movies at Superstition Springs. She would let me play on the reptile playground and then we would go inside the mall and she would take me on the carousel. I can't forget the millions of trips we would also take to the infamous El Charro. I miss you Grandma and think of you always! I know she's takin care of my little man right now doin row row your boat and let him nibble on her chin :) her favorite. Thanks for all the fun memories! Love you.

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