Wednesday, June 23, 2010

26 weeks...and counting

See how big I am and I look so thrilled to be taking a picture...24lbs baby...and it does not make me feel cool in this 112* weather! I am dying...I step one foot out the door and the sweat begins poring it's sick.. I do want my tummy to get bigger though cuz I feel little man is growing faster than my belly and it's hurtin, but good to know he is growin! And he doesn't stop movin! He is crazy! It's so fun to watch my belly move!
Oh and it summer vacation...not...Luke and I are both in summer school so I go to work 40hrs a wk and get to come home and do this the rest of the's super. But thank goodness I am only taking one session so I only have a few weeks left. Then I just have fall semester and I will have my Bachelors in December! Yay! and my BABY IN JUST 14 WEEKS!


  1. Oh my heck Shawnie I feel ya! There is nothing worse than being pregnant in this heat! You look super cute though!

  2. look at you, hott stuff!
    hey, can i get your address? :)
    you can email it to me:
    thanks :)

  3. You look sooo cute!! Im so glad I will be home by the time you have that cute little baby! Hang in there with the heat.. I remember those days last year!

  4. I wrote a long comment and then it got lost. SO basically, you look good. Eat Bahama Bucks. ONly 14 weeks? Exciting.

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