Friday, December 26, 2008

A Merry Merry Christmas

Luke and I had a wonderful Christmas this year. This was our first year sleeping at our own house for Christmas. Then we went to Lukes family Christmas at 8am. Our favorite gift was a set of 11 DVD's that are all the homevideos that were ever taken of lukes family. They are SO funny. Then we went to Grandpa Toms for ham and rolls and then headed over to My families for more breakfast and play. We basically bounced back and forth all day between families. I am so happy we live so close to both families!! We did miss Meagans fam and Mikelles this year, It was sad not having them here, so they better make it next year!! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas's!!


  1. You guys are so cute! haha Love the kissing picture!

  2. Cutest pictures ever! We had a busy day too. We were back and forth for two days.

    I can't get together at lunch time because I have work...but want to play in the evening?!!! No more school for me, so I am pretty much always free!

  3. I'm sad we missed everyone this year. I'm excited about the book you gave me though- "Press on", I have already started it and like it so far...
    I'm glad you had a merry christmas!

  4. That sounds good. Wes'll have to work on Friday, but I won't! We can do something fun on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate! We got a foot of snow yesterday! So, keep your fingers crossed that we won't get a storm around then.