Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas= A LOT OF TREATS

So for Christmas this year I have decided to give treats as my gift to friends since the bank account has been a little too low this season. Here is what I made :

These are Chocolate-caramel covered pretzels, and half are rolled in Reeses :)

It is also my oldest brother Steve's Birthday today!35! Happy Birthday Steve! I love you! He is such a wonderful brother and has always been there for anyone and everyone. He is such a fun brother! He is the brother that always took us camping, taught me how to shoot a gun (which backfired and a fragment of the bullet went into his shoulder), how to ride a horse, and how to love being outdoors. He is really an amazing big brother!


  1. Those pretzels look amazing!!! What a good idea too!

  2. I have cookies to bring over for you guys! I was in the kitchen for like 5 hours last night...no kidding! Your pretzels look yummy!

    Happy Birthday Shawnie's Brother!