Monday, February 25, 2008

Today I officially changed my major from Business Management to Nursing. If all goes as planned I will be able to apply for ASU's upper division classes in December. Luke is doing good, keeping busy with work, school and learning songs on his new guitar. We both can't wait for spring break to be here so we can sleep in and not have to worry about any homework! And hopefully we can make a trip up to Gallup to see Mikelle and her family! Tomorrow is One Tree Hill night and sushi with a few of my sisters...while Luke will probably do homework or play basketball with his friends...he isn't a fan of sushi or One Tree Hill...


  1. I wish I wasn't sick so I could be there!!!!! Love ya!!!

  2. Have fun at the girls night! Those are always fun, but I'm with Luke- I don't eat sushi or watch One Tree Hill!

    We hope you can come too. Hallie says she wants to play with you guys.