Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finley's many visitors AND JAKE IS FINALLY HERE!

Cute Baby Jake came this morning weighing 8lbs 6oz! Sandi and Jake are both doing so good! I can't wait for Jake and Fin to play together!!
The boys! Tate is so excited to have a new little brother!! :)

My lil Finley is doing so good! He sleeps for like 4 hours at a time and is a big eater! (except there is a one hour session in the middle of the night he just wants to look around...)

He now weighs 7 lbs and 13 oz and 20 3/4 in! I don't want him to grow! I love him so much at this size right now! He is just too perfect!! And now to some of his many vistors...I did not get a picture of everyone so I apologize...I need to remember to take them so I can show Fin everyone that came to visit! I don't even have one of Gary and Mar and we live with them!!

Karsyn would not give him back to me! I was so scared! ha ha she just LOVES babies so best of luck to you Sandi! :)


  1. ooh, I'm so jealous! I love him! My mom said you are the best little mom ever and you don't even ask her any questions ha ha. I must say that he is luke all over again! Congrats and I'm so happy for you! And I must hold him!

  2. congrats Congrats CONGRATS!!!!!! You make the cutest mommy. Can't wait to see your little Fin and Sandi's Jake! What a blessing, what a dream for two sisters/best friends.

  3. Shawnie he is the cutest!! I'm so sad I didn't make it to your baby shower! I should've checked facebook & sent my address to you, I'm sorry! But I still want to get a present to you & your little guy. I love all the pictures, you two are such adorable parents. Love you guys!