Friday, January 8, 2010

Stop. Rewind. Play.

Early on in December we had a Gigerbread House Contest w/no kits allowed! Ha it was SO much fun!! Everyone enjoyed making fun of each others...lets just say the icing was sticky enough to keep the houses together

This is the Lovely Katie and Isaac

Adam and Sara getting ready to attempt to make some palm trees

Brit and Guffy worked so hard to redeem their house back to its candy glory

Spencer and Saije kept their secret of How to make the perfect house.

Luke and I did quite well too, if I do say so myself.

This was the attempt of Isaac and Katie. :)

Jake and Kendals Hot Chocolate Spa

Spencer & Saijes perfection. They won...hands down.

Guf & Brittany's won best use of the candy

I kept my Gingerbread house on display until two days ago Marlene said it was time to throw it away..........:)

And this is Trent and Charde's Beautiful house!

Ty & Dani also made one and it was looking so good, until right before judging time it collapsed! Ha ha...good times.
Afterwards we listened to the boys put on a talent show of singing, piano, and guitar.
Following: Did not have my camera...surprise, surprise.
Christmas came so fast!! All of Lukes brothers and Sisters cam and it was so much fun to have everyone here! We hate that they don't live here!! We had a fun family reunion and birthday party of Grandpa Toms 90th. New years we were able to go up to John and Jane Wrights cabin again for New Years. It was the best trip we have had. We watched movies, drank martinellis, played games, ate good food, made are own music videos, boys went sledding, girls got was such a good vacation! Hope you had a good Christmas and New Years!


  1. I miss you!

    Your party looked like fun! I love your house! I think it looks the bestest.

  2. I think MY house was the bestest. Also, my double chin is smokin' hot in that pic. The cabin was a blast. We must go again next year!

  3. Haha, Ike looks like a little boy in the first pic. His and Katie's house looked better than Wes's at least. Our's were terrible!

  4. Hey there cute Shawnie---Debbie Garlock here---loved reading your posts. You two are tooooo cute. I was reading your side bar where you said Luke fixes Xboxes. I need one fixed. Let me know where to take it! Go to my blog and leave how to contact you in a comment. Thanks!!

  5. Ok so I just have to ask, is Luke wearing your cheer sweatshirt??? hahaha I can't find mine anywhere! and I seriously think that your house was pretty dang good! I'm impressed! :)

  6. wow--you guys are the best at gingerbread houses!! and sounds like you had a great holiday season. Glad we got to drive by and say hi while you were at the cabin!! The snow was beautiful.