Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My mind keeps changing....& my husband saves me

So lately I haven't been able to decide- Nursing or PA school? As of now, my mind has decided to want me to go to PA school. I have changed my major at ASU to a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies...basically I pick two focuses and major in them both. So I have picked Family & Human development along with Healthcare Innovation. Hopefully I will have this bachelors by next spring and be able to apply for PA school by then! I don't know what my mind is thinking...i am so over school....ick. I have one more final left this semester and it's TOMORROW! I can't wait for it to be OVER! I am surprised at how good my grades are this semester...I usually am a straight B student but not this semester...so far I am a straight A (+ 1 B) :) This summer should be very relaxing for me....until I find a job at least....
On another happy note...my husband (Luke, in case you forgot) has been WONDERFUL around the house! I have been so bad studying for my finals that are bedroom was overflowing with laundry, are dirty dishes went beyond the sink, and my yard somehow turned into a forest. But my husband came to the rescue and saved me from getting lost in my backyard, from drowning in dirty close, and dying from dirty dishes! I LOVE YOU LUKE!


  1. How exciting about school almost being over! I am happy for you. And for me...because that means we can hang out more!

    Luke is awesome!

  2. cuzin--- good job on the grades! let's go to hawaii or something this summer.

  3. I am glad you have made the connection with Andy and his Mom. You know if you live in Mesa and are LDS its called the great Mormon connection, when meeting someone new its almost guaranteed that you have someone in common. PS thanks for stalking.

  4. Way to go on the good grades! It's hard to know what to do for school, but I'm sure you will end up liking whatever you choose, and you will be good at it!

    Good job Luke.

  5. sweet loven'! Welcome to the recession! Isn't it awesome! I'm so excited now that I can read your life on the internet along with all the others that I stalk at midnight... YIKES- that doesnt' sound right... You are every bit as cute as I thought! Great news for me... it gives me ONE more person to look up to.
    Cute blog.

  6. The best feeling in the world is the moment you finish your last final! Colors are brighter, the air is fresher and your freeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Good Job SHawnie