Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bye Sister Rucker!

One of my sweet best friends has decided to go on a mission! I am so proud of her and she will be a wonderful missionary! She left today! I couldn't believe how fast it snuck up on us!! But here are some picks of our last goodbyes...

**Loving Her**

**Acting Normal**

**Some one let a ripe one linger** kenzi? why are you rubbing your belly???


  1. Aww! She will be a great missionary!

  2. Luke and Shawnie, I need to know where you found that video. My wife and i have been crying/laughing for the last ten minutes. That is awesome. Great post PLEASE continue with your high quality work.

    Wes and Ash

  3. Shandi will be such a great missionary!! What a great friend she has been, Sugar--love ya,mom

  4. hey pumpkin i just happened to come across your blog. I am dating Brannon Gunnell... and his older bro Ryan is married to Julie a former stapley. haha I hope all is well. I saw kendal a while back on campus, you still around asu we should do lunch!

  5. If you look closely jill's hand is randomly grabbing my belly, so i guess we were just squishing my belly together

  6. Shawnie, thanks for your nice comment.

    So what doctor do you work for so I can tell Waylon. It really is such a small world..

    Have a great weekend.