Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Sum of My March Maddness

These pictures are backwards in the order they occured, but here goes March:

Just this last Saturday night I got to have Karsyn sleep over! She is just so cute! And although I really do love her, and I did love having her- It is definitely great birth control to have her wake up throughout the night!
Our great friends Adam & Sarah had us over for a movie and we roasted mallows! It was so fun! We love them!
Yes, Luke really looks like that! Ha! I should say looked...he cut his hair last night...but he was growing it out for Mountain Man (Scouts...)
Meet Yang. For my brithday Sandi, me and my mom went and got pedicures. I showed Yang the design and colors I wanted to have done. However, Yang does not speak english, or so she pretends she doesn't. It took 4 others to explain to her what I wanted, and really it isn't that complicated- a few lines a couple dots...whatever. So I didn't think she spoke english, however, when we were through I was holding Karsyn and she comes up and says in perfect english "Hi baby! What a cute baby!"
We started March off great! Gary and Mar took us Arizonian children, who all have birthdays around the same SIx Flags!
It was so Fun!!! The weather was beautiful! Actually, at night it was FREEZING! But still great weather!
And best of all it was that crowded! I think the longest line we waited on was for 45 min! Not to bad for Six Flags! Thanks Gary and Mar!

Sorry it took me so long to update! I have been so busy and stressed with school! real excuse is pure laziness...I didn't want to plug my camera in and upload my pics onto my comp. then sign on to my blog then upload my pics again and then spend all this time typing comments about each picture. Ha but I guess I need to so I don't loose my blog readers! All...8 of you probably...


  1. What a fun March! Most definately funner than mine! Yay for Six Flags...and Karsyn is cute!

  2. Hey Shawnie! I have a blog now! Anyway, looks like you had a fun month. I can't wait till my sister starts having kids so I can play with my cute nieces and nephews and then give them back when they get irritating and stuff. Anywho, glad to see you're doing well. It's been forever since I've seen you!

  3. Hi Shawnie!

    I'm jealous of the arizonian children!


    You look so cute in that vest...I could never do a vest and have it be cute like that! I know because I bought one and then I put it on with a turtleneck and I looked like a 2nd grade teacher like there should have been apple and worm appliques on the vest. Grrr.

    Anyway, cute!

  4. Now I know what you've been up stuff!

    I'm impressed that you had Karsyn for a whole night...I don't think I would've been able to do that before I had kids. But, you are a natural, that's for sure.