Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine

Yesterday was a great day! I woke up to beautiful roses
and a little love note.

My poor Luke had to go to Driving School, but I guess it wasn't that bad because he LOVED it..(weird) I know. While Luke was at driving school I went birthday shopping for him and got to spend the day with my little brother Lee.

Then for the "Romantic" evening, Luke took me to Charlestons. SO. GOOD. Then we cuddled up to a real dumb movie called "The Women." Yes it was my choice, and my choice is always bad. I admit. But I love my husband because he sat through the whole thing like a champ!

Oh, I also got him a new book to read and a book light so he can read in bed while I sleep! He tested it out in the coat closet....
I hope everyone enjoyed their day!


  1. Those flowers are so pretty what a sweet husband! thats funny he liked driving school!

  2. LOVE Charleston's!

    I love that Luke loved driving school haha! Because, I did too! hahahahahaha! It was interesting, and I learned a bunch of ways to get out of getting a ticket. Sa-weet!

    Love the reading light. I need to get Ted one.

  3. Yay for celebrating Valentines Day.

    And Happy Birthday to Luke. You're next. Then me. Yay.

  4. i love that he tested out the light in the closet.

    oh, and thanks for the sweet comment.

  5. Yay for beautiful roses and Charleston's! :)

    I'm weird...I had fun at driving school, too!

  6. Come up! We'd love to see you guys. Get ready for the wind though...haha.

    And we'll fill up your gas on the way back, so tell Luke he has no excuse!

  7. I love your idea for a cousins bday! lets do it!

  8. Shawnie You and your husband are so cute! I just saw your blog. So adorable! It was good seeing you the other day for 2.2 seconds.