Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's that time again....

SCHOOL....Grrr...My life and Lukes now revolve around School yet again! I am basically at school all day, everyday! and at 3 different locations!! I go to ASU's Tempe and Downtown locations and since ASU's Microbiology class was filled I have to go to MCC!! Luke has classes MWF, and works Tuesday & Thursday. So we are pretty dang busy...Not to mention I am taking 2 Lab Sciences (Anatomy & Physiology II, and MicroBIO). So If you don't hear from me until December sometime, that is probably why!


  1. geez girl! You are crazy. I have only ONE class that I have been to ONCE since school started. Ya, I'm pretty much a slacker. You inspire me though. Maybe one day I can juggle all those lab sciences and work! Probably not, but I'll keep dreaming. And I loved shopping this past weekend. Maybe I can get a second job so I can fund my Hobby Lobby addiction!!

  2. That is why I decided not to be a nurse (truly) because I HATED labs. They take so much time! I'm glad those days are over for me! Just keep working hard and it'll pay off, I promise. Pretty soon you'll have your degree.

  3. So proud of you shawnie! Just think if you keep working like this you will be done with school in no time!