Friday, December 3, 2010

Wow...time is FLYING

Okay so its been almost 2 MONTHS since I updated! Finley is 2 months old I can't believe it! He is the greatest thing ever! He is such an active baby...he loves looking around and talking and smiling...he definitely just melts our hearts! I have TONS of pictures to share, a MONTHS worth..Halloween we spent with Mikelles Family, Thanksgiving and Finleys blessing & more! Finn now weighs 11lbs 7 oz and is 23 in.

Sorry I haven't been up to speed on my work and baby is just overwhelming! but good news! I start nursing school in January! I am very excited! Sad news, I have to quit my wonderful job to start nursing school...hopefully I can get a per diem and stay within Banner. Until next time...